The Seafarer

He boasts about had visited over than 90 countries and had been literally on the seven seas. The sun, the wind and the horizon are his guides, companions and his eagerness.
He has been living years in a life he did not seek. He arrived by accident to his door that day when they invited him to sail.
He dived in clear but traitorous ocean finding treasures hidden by centuries in the coast of his mother land.
He was in the worst sea of Europe rescuing the trace of the industry which pumps the entire world’s destiny, watching those giants arteries who fed the heart of the country, and right precisely at the same point where vikings long time ago went ashore to horrified this people for over than 100 years.
He sailed in the idyllic ocean where Captain Cook was brutally murdered and there he found some peace and a safe shore under a sunset.

He found scoundrels and pirates along together with beautiful maidens swimming naked offering their lungs full of air that kept him being in the depths of the ocean.

Then he went to the lost Mayan beaches where the gold came out from the belly of the sea itself; he also found evilness, beauty and friendship.

The Seafarer likes his gourmet food and the natural wind coming through his window. He breaths gust by gust with no pause or truce  ‘cause he is made of this same air.

He travels escaping, he escapes traveling and in the path of this hallucinatory and funny exercise he had realized sometimes life was not as nice as he possible could have imaged. There are some scars from the old routes, but the Seafarer refused to see or simply to be reminded of it. He knows because sometimes it hurts, sometimes he barely can feel it, but sometimes he is cut to pieces, his simple and strong soul.

He faced storms, crossings without sense, destiny or end and always with his smile as the best sword to defend himself from cruelty and misfortune. But for the pain of his heart there is no sword or smile worth enough for the dark memories of a land life and a lost family that put shadows in his soul.

Being close to the Seafarer one smells the sea, feels the breeze and enjoys the sun of this never ending summer which has been his entire life. Listening to never ending travel stories, maritime terms and thousands of different accents in his own voice. But also seen is the fear to not keep following the wind when he feels trapped, the irrepressible fury of the storm when he looses his patience and the soft rolling of the ocean when he loves.

Nobody gets tired of him, but inevitably he will get tired of everybody, because his spirit is made of the same storms he wants to avoid, the same blizzard which has pulled his ship and the wind itself which guided him without compass or charts to a destiny he has not chosen, because invariable all in Seafarer’s life has happened by accident.

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  1. Who is this guy The Navagante,where can I sign up for a tour?

    What is the real name of the author?

    I hope she (the author) has sex on the first date as she is an exellent writer
    I would like to here her interesting thoughts while she makes love

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